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The Committee on Exemption Study shall study and collect all information available on property tax exemptions. This committee shall revise and update the 1989 Credits and Exemptions Manual after each Legislative session or as necessary. This committee shall cooperate with the Legislative Committee so as to promote fair and just legislation for property owners and our Association. This committee shall seek input from all Association members and shall provide guidance to all jurisdictions so that the exemption laws can be uniformly administrated.
Aaron Betts
Bremer County
Designations: ICA
Abigail Sills
Iowa Department of Revenue
Beau Crystal
Franklin County
Brandi Martin
Des Moines County
Justin Barlow
Sac County
Justin R. Cornett
Decatur County
Michelle Roberts
Adams County
Steve Helm
Dallas County
Tara Brueggeman
Mason City
Designations: RES, ICA, AAS
Thomas McManus
Scott County
Committee Leadership
Aaron Betts

Vice Chair:
Steve Helm

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