The Committee on Program shall provide for the most effective annual meeting. Areas of responsibility involved include the meeting programs, music, house, reception, fellowship and inter-agencies relations; as well as other areas, which the committee may deem pertinent. The committee shall report to the Executive Board at their meeting for approval and authorization.
Benjamin D. Mullen
Adams County
Billi Shelley
Adair County
Carissa Sisson
Franklin County
Designations: ICA, RES, AAS
Carmen Putzier
Iowa Department of Revenue
Christy Tinnes
Washington County
Designations: RES,ICA
Cindy Heuton
Carroll County
Lori Roling
Retired Members
Nicholas Van Camp
Davenport (City)
Raymond Armel
Chickasaw County
Designations: ICA
Stacey Von Dielingen
Jasper County
Designations: ICA
Tammy Stine
Emmet County
Committee Leadership
Stacey Von Dielingen

Cindy Heuton