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It has been almost 20 years since the ISAA website was first launched. Since that time, considerable amounts of information has been added to the website, and much has changed in technology and internet use/capabilities. The ISAA Executive Board recognizes that software and programming has a limited lifespan, and believes that now is the time to explore and invest in refreshing, remodeling and redesigning the current website. ISAA Ad Hoc Website ReNew Committee’s charge shall be to review the various options and associated costs to achieve this task and report recommendations to the Executive Board. This committee shall strive to make the website more functional, more helpful, andmore accessible to the ISAA membership, as well as to the general public (on the public facing side of the website). Recommendations to the Executive Board shall include examples as well as estimated costs. If approved, the recommendations will be implemented by this committee in a timely manner. The committee shall also strive to coordinate approved changes with the Public Relations/Communication Committee which maintains the current ISAA website. The committee shall regularly report to the ISAA Executive Board and shall annually file a report to the membership on the activities of the committee.
David S. Kubik
Dubuque County
Dixie D. Saunders
Van Buren County
Designations: ICA
Kathy A. Croker
Buena Vista County
Katie Bennett
Cerro Gordo County
Designations: ICA, AAS
Kelli Kingrey
Marion County
Kim Carnine
Buena Vista County
Designations: CG, ICA
Paul Humble
Polk County
Designations: RES, ICA, AAS
Committee Leadership
David S. Kubik

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