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Helpful Links

State Government websites:
     Code of Iowa (Current laws of Iowa)
     Iowa Administrative Code (Supports and clarifies the Code of Iowa)
     Iowa Attorney General  (General Website)
Iowa Attorney General (Search for AGO's)      Iowa Auditor of State 
     Iowa Department of Management  (DOM) (Budgets)
     Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR)
     Iowa Department of Transportation  (DOT) (State roads)
Iowa Legislature  (List of legislators and proposed bills)
     Iowa Legislative Services Agency  (LSA) (provides nonpartisan staff services to all members of the Legislature) 
     Iowa Property Assessment Appeal Board (PAAB)
     Iowa Secretary of State  (SOS)
     Iowa Tax Research Library
Affiliate Association websites:
     County Assessors - (Map)  (List)
 County Auditors - Iowa State Association of County Auditors (ISACA)
County Recorders - Iowa Land Records (Recorded deeds/mortgages and other County Recorder documents)
     County Treasurers
Iowa Tax and Tags (Buchanan, Clayton, Dickinson, Floyd, Iowa, Johnson, Linn, Montgomery, Polk, Pottawattamie & Poweshiek Counties)
Iowa Treasurers (All other counties) 
     International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) 
     Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC)
     IPERS Improvement Association
     North Central Regional Association of Assessing Officers (NCRAAO)  

Informational websites:
     Federal farm subsidies (Environmental Work Group database)
       Soil survey information (from USDA Web Soil Survey website)
      Tower ownership search (FCC website)
     Underground storage tank information (Iowa Department of Natural Resources)

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